Owning dazzled their contemporaries notably throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, some pearls have been the issue of controversies and passionate stories.

The Peregrina is a pear formed pearl owned by Philip II of Spain. It weighed 203.8 grains and was famous because of its massive dimensions, but also for its normal vibrant white colour. It was observed together the coastline of Panama in the sixteenth century and promptly delivered to King Philip II of Spain who gave it to his new younger wife, Mary Queen of Spain. The gem later belonged to Queen Margaret as it was offered to her by Joseph Bonaparte and then turned the house of Napoleon III. It was re-polished in 1912 and it weighs 203.84 grains.

In 1969 the Peregrina was ordered for 37.000 pounds by the famed actor Richard Burton as a reward for his spouse, the similarly renowned Elizabeth Taylor who is a great ambassador of Tahitian pearls. Regrettably, this 1 was damaged by the actress’s pet.

Peregrina’s notoriety gave the very same name to the pearl of a similar condition belonging to Charles II of Spain. It was donated to him by Pedro de Aponte Conde Del Palmer, a resident of the Canary Islands.

A pearl with a weird fame, the Gresham pearl was provided to Queen Elizabeth by a service provider prince acknowledged as Thomas Gresham. The tale goes that prince put this pearl in a toast to shock the Spanish ambassador and that the pearl was crushed in the toast and swallowed with a glass of wine.
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The justification offered then was that the Spaniards ended up in a position to provide costly meals to royal figures. This tale is reminiscent of Cleopatra who melted one of her pearls in vinegar and then drank it.

The Pellegrina is a gem with a very controversial history because the French declare it is section of the French nationwide heritage, although historic documents explain a similar pearl that was found out on the coast of South The usa and would belong to the Spanish Crown.

It disappeared from circulation for a variety of decades, quietly set aside by a collector, and never resurfaced right until 1987 when it was offered at an auction at Christie’s as Jomon Pearl. The Jomon pearl is identified as the oldest in the planet. Supposedly this pearl dates again in excess of 5500 several years and normally takes its name following a time period of Japanese background referred to as the period of Joman.


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