How Does Ultrasound Remedy Do the job?

Ultrasound Treatment:

Ultrasound sound waves vibrating at frequencies over those that the human ear can listen to, increased than twenty,000cycles for every second (hertz, Hz).
Therapeutic ultrasound is that which is employed for therapeutic (somewhat than diagnostic) reasons and is typically created at one million cycles for each 2nd or one megacycle (MHz). Normally US frequency is amongst .7 and three.three MHz.

Ultrasound was initial researched in Europe and was released to the United States in the early 1950`s, since this time, the use of ultrasound has grown, and it remains a extremely well-liked modality now.

Mechanism of motion
US is produced by a substantial-frequency alternating current becoming applied to a crystal created of quartz or a artificial (i.e. barium titanate or direct zirconate). The latest will cause the crystal to bend, first in a person direction and then the other, as the existing alternates. This deformation of the crystal creates what is termed piezoelectric power. The vibration power is transferred to a steel plate, ordinarily nickel-plated brass, and then the patient’s tissue. The crystal and steel plate are housed in the transducer or sound head of the unit.

Physical attributes
It is not transmitted as a result of a vacuum
It is transmitted improperly via gases
It is transmitted greatest as a result of fuel-totally free liquids and superior-density solids

The console
Comparable to a radio transmitter.
Has an oscillator that produces electromagnetic wave at significant frequencies.
Transducer head
Converts electromagnetic waves into seem waves.
Larger sized transducer area is better (7-13cm*), but small adequate to preserve skin contact.
Waves are emitted in a cylindrical beam perpendicular to traducer area.
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Hence keep the transducer head parallel to tissue surface area.
In no way allow the beam to shoot straight into the air without having gel or water as this may well problems the crystal.

To exam crystal: water on the head, flip up the depth the h2o need to stream.

Coupling brokers
Air does not carry out properly, have to use a coupling medium. Use a professional gels, not mineral oil and some gels will comprise substances that can boost therapeutic these types of as, vit E, aloe.

As US travels by way of human tissue, it little by little decreases in depth because of to attenuation. Attenuation is the result of absorption, reflection and refraction, with absorption accounting for about fifty percent of attenuation.

– Proteins are the significant absorbers of US
– Maximize protein content maximize absorption
– Tissues with substantial water content minimize absorption (waves pass by means of)
– Homogenous tissues minimize absorption (extra fat)
– Heterogeneous tissues, fascia planes raise absorption
e.g. bone periosteum, fats muscle mass, diff muscle mass teams.
– Bone displays waves, which meet up with incoming waves: resonance thus heat generation (periosteal burning)
– Metal artefacts displays waves but absorb heat thus caution

Conversion of the mechanical electricity of US into heat is expressed as an absorption coefficient and is dependent on tissue style and frequency. This coefficient is expressed in decibels/cm and is optimum for tissues with the optimum collagen content and raise in proportion to the US frequency.

Absorption coefficients in decibels/cm at one and three MHz
50 % depth
The depth of tissue at which the US intensity is fifty percent its first intensity is frequency and tissue form dependent
50 percent depths in mm at one and 3 MHz

Is the redirection of an incident beam absent from a reflecting surface at an angle equivalent and opposite to the angle of incidence. US waves are mirrored at tissue interfaces with most reflection happening wherever there is the finest big difference between the acoustic impedance of adjacent tissues.

There is a hundred% reflection of US at an air-skin interface and only a .one% reflection at few medium- skin interface. In the entire body most reflection approx 35% happens at smooth tissue-bone interface.

The redirection of a wave at an interface
When refraction happens, the US wave enters the tissue at just one angle and continues as a result of the tissue at a diverse angle.

The selection of compressions-rarefactions cycles for every device of time expressed as (hertz). Rising the frequency decreases the depth of penetration.
Use 1 MHz for tissue up to 5 cm deep and 3 MHz for tissue 1 to 2 cm deep.

There is no specific way of accurately calculating how substantially energy is absorbed in any certain tissue, the determination about dosage is a matter of judgement to some extent. This judgement need to be primarily based on the acknowledged aspects governing ultrasound absorption and is centered on the next:

Mode of delivery:
– Constant output
Constant shipping of US all over the treatment method period
Made use of sub acute and persistent levels

– Pulsed output
Sound on and off alternately (variable ratio)
I.e. twenty% or 1:5 duty cycle is on 20% of the time off 80% of the time: on for 2ms off for 8ms

When ultrasound is delivered in at pulse mode, with a twenty% obligation cycle or decrease the heat created through the time on is dispersed all through the off time.
Applied a lot more for acute and sub-acute stage in which heat is not fascinating. Also pulsed US has been shown to maximize mobile permeability far more the frequent US (see down below) specifically at 1:5 at an intensity of .5-.75 W/cm.

The sum of acoustic energy per device time (Watts)

The ability per unit place of the transducer head expressed in Watts/cm and is limited to 3W/cm

The depth utilized should really be altered in accordance with the character of the lesion (chronic better than acute) tissue variety (see earlier mentioned) reduced intensities for larger absorbers.

When making use of US for non-thermal results guidelines of thumb, use .five to one. W/cm. For thermal consequences when working with a frequency of one MHz use an depth of concerning 1.five to two. W/cm, at a 3MHz frequency typically an intensity of .five W/cm is enough thanks to the vitality remaining absorbed in a smaller sized additional superficial quantity of tissue. When looking to realize thermal consequences you be expecting the individual to feel a delicate warming right after two to three minutes of therapy, if this does not just take place enhance the depth.


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