Religion or spirituality

Religion or spirituality ?  So far, so close

In the previous post, we reflected on what we understood by religion. There we pointed out three of its essential characteristics: the social element, the sacred and the openness to the transcendental. Now, from the above, the question arises about spirituality: is it something different from religion, something opposite to it, or is it part of a phenomenon that shares some common characteristics? Let’s see.

In recent years, different protest movements of a new spirituality have emerged with intensity. Some authors try to define spirituality as that which is (E) spirit, but this definition does not give much clarity.

Along with the above, there seems to be a great accent in the idea of unity between the essentials of oneself (self ) and the whole. On the other hand, the pre-eminence of the authentic (autonomous) personal search of a fulfilled meaning that is not found in the dogmas and rites of the traditional religious communities is given.

Difference between spirituality and religion

In his work, the sociologist of religion Wade Clark Roof looks at the differences between religion and spirituality through several testimonies collected in his research. Thus, religions would put their accent on doctrine and tradition, while spirituality would be closer to an inner feeling of relationship with the whole.

Its focus is transcendence, its own fullness. On the other hand, a strong emphasis is placed on feelings (although there are spiritualties that distance themselves from them), which can make her prone to stay in a kind of intimacy. Meredith McGuire, on the other hand, understands spirituality as a feeling of an individual condition in the process, which suggests an unfinished experience that is in development and is open.

Many times these spiritual movements – which cover a wide range of very different beliefs and which, unfortunately, often get into the same bag – tend to be conceived as movements that only try to promote .

Spirituality in some peoples and widespread in Africa and the Middle East And Spirituality is used in the treatment of spiritual diseases And Cure magic

Wealth of spirituality

The richness of spirituality, as many authors point out, points to personal transformation and to the discovery – or rediscovery – of the deepest dimension of the human being. Leonardo Boff, who has also worked on the theme of spirituality, quotes the Dalai Lama as explaining spirituality: “it does not produce a transformation in you, and then it is not spirituality”.

Spirituality must generate a transformation that opens us from mere individuality to a space of peace in the midst of existing social conflicts and desolations. In this sense, spirituality would refer to the depths of the human being.

Thus, spirituality would not be a movement to be or feel good -as it can be in the New Age movements, but to be uninstalled and put on a path of growth.

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