Tremendous Dragon Ball Z Cheat Codes


Obtain seven Dragon Balls to make a would like. Merchandise on the Enhanced Established Of Needs from Shenron are unlocked following creating a 2nd would like.

Kaio-Sama World: Observe the ending of Authentic method five times.

King Kai World: Make around 5 wishes to unlock this desire on the Increased Set Of Needs.

King Piccolo: Outlined on the Increased Established Of Wishes.

Majin Vegeta: Mentioned on the Improved Set Of Wishes.

Mecha Frieza: Make over ten wishes to unlock this desire on the Enhanced Established Of Needs.
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Final Gohan: Shown on the Improved Set Of Wishes.

Videl: Make more than 5 needs to unlock this would like on the Increased Established Of Wishes.

Dragon End: Efficiently finish Original mode with Goku, Gohan (Cell Arc), Vegeta, Mobile, Freeza, or Majin Vegeta with out working with any proceeds.

Dragon Vitality: Have a full of fifty battles (Primary, Vs., Z-Survivor).

Dragon Soul: Have a full of one hundred battles (Unique, Vs., Z-Survivor).

Nappa’s Flame Pillar: Have a complete Attract Match in Unique, Vs., Z-Survivor manner.

New Alternate Costume: Desire and unlock Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Piccolo, Kuririn, Android eighteen, Chichi, or Videl’s third costume shade to unlock an alternate costume for that character.

New Product Scouter: To get a new blue Scouter, get your fight energy to a single million. Your Scouter will split. Gather the Dragon Balls to get the want.

Ultimate Model Scouter: Unlock the New Model Scouter, then get your fight electric power to a specified level to unlock the desire.

Change Wallpaper in Customise Manner: Push Up, Triangle, Down, X, L1, Square, R1, Circle. If you entered the code correctly, Goku will communicate.

Majin Boo Narration Voice: Productively comprehensive Primary method with Majin Boo.

Videl Narration Voice: Efficiently finish Primary method with Videl.

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