Explore Top Tourist Attractions on Singapore Excursions

Singapore is one of the most beautiful countries in South East Asia for holiday vacations with families, friends and dear ones. Its rich culture and traditions, man made marvels, modern artwork and architecture, sky-kissing building, throbbing nightlife, wide range of tourist attractions and much more.
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As well as that Singapore tours is made more delightful and memorable way the world class accommodation facilities, hospitable people who in no way let you feel away from home and the pleasurable climatic conditions. Truly enjoying vacation in Singapore is an experience of lifetime, which usually every visitor will treasure a lifetime experience and love to visit this country time and again with families, friends and loved ones.

Singapore Holiday packages provide wonderful opportunity for tourists to see plus explore the magnetizing beauty of the particular county in a delightful and unforgettable way. Well if you are looking forward to get memorable tours and travel within Singapore visit these top sightseeing attractions mentioned below:

Jurong Bird Park
Jurong Bird Park the largest aviary in the Pacific Asia which is home to more than 7000 birds of 600 species brought from just about all the countries of the world. The park is the perfect place regarding nature lovers, tourists and for anyone who has curiosity to know about the bird lifestyle. It is the perfect place to learn about the varied species of birds and can encounter lively to see their various astonishing methods, activities, colorful look and the seems they make. Truly visiting Jurong Parrot will be an experience which you will love in order to treasure and cherish forever.

Bukit Timah National Park
Located just 12 kms away from Singapore could be the Bukit Timah National Park which is one of the two significant areas of principal rainforest, other being the Rio. It is the perfect place for hikers, nature lovers and wildlife lovers as this national park is packed with lush green surrounding rich in spectacular flora and fauna. Here one can see various species of birds and animals like butterflies, monkeys, and squirrel, Traveling Lemur, Scaly Anteater, Common Forest Shrew and Plantain Squirrel. Really you will be amazed by the rich flora and fauna of Bukit Timah National Recreation area, which accounts the maximum number of vacationers all the year round.

Sentosa Island
Enthusiast and delights never ends in Sentosa Island. One of the most popular sights in Singapore, Sentosa Island literally means peace and tranquility, which offer wonderful opportunity for tourists to enjoy fun-filled water sports, beach activities and also leisure holiday. Apart from that one can also visit to the Under Water Planet Singapore or to the very popular Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom that offer wonderful opportunity for tourists to get familiar with the marine world as well as varied species of small creatures and insects.

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