Facial Mole Removal

Even though Marilyn Monroe had a facial mole, which people called a beauty mark, not everyone with facial moles are as lucky as Marilyn. Most people with facial moles want them removed.
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Often the moles are raised, in an unattractive spot, are too large or small and dark and look like a large blackhead. Men often shave off their facial moles if they protrude. They can become irritated if they rub on clothing and generally create self-consciousness for the person that has them.

Before you decide to schedule an appointment to have facial mole removal you should have the mole checked with an oncologist or skin specialist. While most moles are non-cancerous or benign, it doesn’t hurt to have a biopsy taken to be on the safe side. After that’s complete, then make your appointment.

There are several methods used to remove facial moles and a discussion with your surgeon is always good to understand your options. The depth of the mole and size determines the method used. If you have a deep mole, the surgeon may need to excise it. This entails cutting a slightly larger area around the mole so there’s a border of good skin taken. The surgeon then puts stitches in deep in the skin if the mole was deep, or for shallow moles, on the surface.

A second method of facial mole removal is a procedure, which shaves off the mole with a scalpel. Once the mole is flush with the skin, then the area is electrically cauterized to stop bleeding. The mole can grow back if there are any mole cells left underneath the skin. There are no stitches necessary for this type of facial mole removal.

Shallower moles can be removed with laser treatment. There is seldom scarring but the procedure is primarily for those surface moles and doesn’t reach mole tissue deep in the skin.

You don’t need a lot of time for facial mole removal. The time necessary for the procedure usually is no more than an hour. If there are several moles removed it may take longer. You may find that redness and some pain or discomfort come from the procedure and take the rest of the day off work. The amount of discomfort depends on the method used and size of the facial mole. The doctor usually prescribes pain medication for the discomfort.

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