This Leaf Shredder Is A Lean-Mean Leaf Eating Machine!

Customers are saying that the leaf shredder is sheer power with out a doubt.They are giving it highly positive reviews for its patented design, double heavy-duty cutting lines, and powerful universal motor with circuit breaker and reset button for overload protection.

Ranging from coarse to fine debris, the leaf vacuum mulcher offers the convenience of a variable shredding adjustment. For lighter duty applications all the way to heavy-duty applications such as rain soaked imbedded leaves and thick sticky strong pine needles.

With steel leg construction for sturdy support, the quick leaf-eating machine is tough and durable with its rugged, high-density polyethylene funnel and housing. It tends to still remain lightweight even with all of the durability-enhanced features.

For a mess free disposal of the mulch use the elastic bungee cord to hold your leaf bag in place, or you can easily place the leaf shredder on the top of your trash can.

It has pressure knobs that are adjustable for simple positioning of the hopper to any angle for easier loading. For a better compacted storage the hopper rotates 180 degrees. It also has a convenient built-in storage compartment to hold replacement cutting lines, gloves, and safety glasses and whatever else you need close by Best Vegetable Shredder.

With the 21-inch-diameter funnel, the Leaf-Eater effortlessly eliminates wet or dry yard waste–including rain-soaked leaves and grass clippings–into nutrient-rich mulch or compost that you can use as compost in your flowerbeds or vegetable garden.

For fast cleanup and maximum waste reduction the leaf shredder has a two-step process that shreds and then mulches. You can stand by and watch the leaf eating machine do all the work as you simply throw double handfuls of waste in.

There is an easy to read sliding control lever that enables you to choose the right setting for the job. The Leaf-Eater offers a wide range of shredding adjustments from coarse to fine with an outstanding ratio of 30:1 particle size-reduction

Maintenance is effortless because of the removable motor intake filter–just remove and clean from time to time. The Leaf-Eater also features a convenient built-in storage compartment to hold replacement cutting lines, gloves, and safety glasses. Easy assembly, ready to go to work right out of the box!

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