On-line Gambling

Recently, the govt has been earning sound about banning on line gambling in the United States. Even though this is not probable to occur, Congress will most likely attempt to tax the business. This is forcing most organizations to close their functions (Seattle Washington has applied a form of the ban) or to shift them offshore. Just mainly because the administration has pushed its moral agenda onto the American Community, is no motive that citizens should give up their right to the “pursuit of joy”.

A large amount of men and women enjoy the on line bingo video games. Not too long ago a female won the “Queen of Bingo”* contest from a single of the on the web web sites. She received $10,000 and international recognition for her accomplishment. She was quoted as stating “I cannot think it. I believed I experienced died and gone to heaven. I was so energized I nearly fell out of my chair.” When informed of her winnings.

Boy I guess she was satisfied.

Millions of men and women gamble at casinos and other venues. Why ought to on the net gambling be singled out? Even the Catholic church utilizes bingo to increase cash and they are tax exempt.

Bingo is a long time preferred fundraiser, not only for the church, but other corporations that frown on on line casino model gambling. Must the federal government go just after theses companies source of funding, and are they likely to make up for the decline of cash?
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I doubt it.

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